Friday, April 15, 2011

The April Challenge is On!

This month's challenge was selected by our last month's winner, Lori of StonePeace. She asks the question...who is your favorite artist? Do you have a favorite style of art? Do you love impressionism like me, or are you a minimalist? It's time to review your art history, or discover it for the very first time! For our next challenge I want to see designs of wearable pieces with a favorite artist or style in mind.

Can you create Van Gogh's Starry Night in metal?
Photo below courtesy of

Are Monet’s Water Lillie's destined to be a ring or necklace?

Photo below courtesy of

Anything or anyone, past or present, 2D or 3D, Eastern, Western, Outsider. . .you decide.

Challenge entries are due by Friday May 13th at Midnight on the Flickr group. The poll will be posted here on Saturday May 14th.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And The Winner of the March Challenge Is....

Lori of StonePeace!! Congratulations Lori....the wee chicken house that you made is so original and unique....not to mention, just too darned cute for words! :)

Lori will be posting next month's challenge soon. Thank you again to everyone that participated for the March challenge...they were all wonderful works of art and design.

Friday, April 8, 2011

March Challenge Entries- Architectural Designs!

Our March team challenge was selected by last month's talented winner, Julie of Jamauerer. The challenge was to design an architectural piece, in any medium of choice, in two or three dimensions. Our team came up with some fabulous designs, and I know it's going to be hard to choose just one! The first piece you see below was designed and created by Julie of Jamauerer who selected this month's challenge. She wasn't quite able to finish this amazing will eventually be fired with enamels and be made into a ring, but you can see the basic structure she made out of copper, and what a great job she did on this three dimensional building! Next we have this darling little Chicken House made by the very creative Lori of StonePeace. It is so realistic, and made of copper and sterling silver. I love the wee steps going up, and the corrugated roof!

This beautiful pendant was made by Addie of's a stylized Gothic Cathedral, made of fine silver metal clay, glass enamel, a paua shell cabochon and a peach moonstone cabochon. It hangs on a hand dyed and rolled silk cord...stunning! I love the details on this one!

Here is a sweet entry from the talented Joy of Joypeckjoy. It's a pretty little house pendant made of fine silver, and filled with concrete that she has dyed in different shades. What a unique combination of materials, and love the tiny details she has on it.

Esmeralda of SilverBlueberry decided to take the three dimensional approach, and made this amazing miniature replica of the Chrysler Building in New York! It is made of sterling silver sheet, and she hand carved all of the tiny details...what a fabulous piece!

Our last entry was made buy Asa of Asapdesigns. It is a creative ring which consists of a tiny home made of copper with a sparkly amethyst gemstone roof, perched atop a hand forged band of brass. Great use of materials and love the different textures and colors!

The poll is up and listed on the right hand side of the blog. Voting begins now, and will go through Monday at midnight, so please don't wait too long to select your favorite!