Friday, May 7, 2010

Interview with Alicia Faith Hubbard

Alicia Faith Hubbard from Richmond, VA -- AliciaFaith on Etsy

Up and coming metalsmith Alicia has a beautiful modern simplicity in her work! Alicia hasn't done a lot of hardcore metalsmithing yet, but she has some great wire wrapped jewelry so I know her metalsmithed jewelry is going to be awesome!

How did you get interested in metalsmithing
That is a rather long and convoluted story, the short version of which is:  One Christmas I made beaded ornaments, then I got a "jewelry making" kit and started stringing, learned wirework, and am now learning to metalsmith.

Do you get more excited about the design or technical aspects of jewelry?
Actually, I usually get excited about the stone! :-) All right, to answer the question asked, I get excited about the design more often but can get excited about the technical aspect too.

Do you find the process of experimentation frustrating or inspiring?
Both by turns! I love finding new ways of doing things, but get frustrated when they don't work.

What part of your work do you most enjoy?
Getting to create beautiful jewelry!

What part of your work do you find the hardest?
Trying to learn new techniques and having trouble with them. :(

What technique do you wish you knew or want to learn?
Setting faceted stones.

Where do you get/find your inspiration?
Most of the time it comes from the stone(s).  I just love to work with them!

What are your favorite items in your store right now?
My pink chalcedony pendant (my second bezel!), pink sapphire spiral earrings, and lab opal pendant. The last two are wirework, I don't have many metalsmithed pieces because I'm still playing around with soldering. :)

Name a metalsmith whose work you admire?
I admire Alex Maryaskin's work, especially his filigree.  He also has this AMAZING silver goblet with an amethyst crystal for a handle. His website is   I was amazed when he asked me to be his apprentice!

Alicia's FB Fanpage: AliciaFaithJewelry

Give Alicia some love. We're all here to learn and grow and all input is welcomed! Visit her Etsy shop: AliciaFaith


  1. Great interview! Alicia, you have lovely work and I'm sure you will go far. :)

  2. Really nice interview- Alicia you are one lucky girl to apprentice to someone like Alex, I know you must be thrilled. Lovely work Alicia

  3. How cool to be an apprentice to a fabulous jewelry artist!! A dream come true!

  4. I love these interviews. Imagine being apprenticed to a big jewelry designer! Good on you, Alicia!

  5. Great interview! Good answers, Alicia.

  6. Thanks Ladies!

    Alex hasn't quite hit the big time yet, But he should. :-) He and his business partener are in the process of setting up a store, and I hope it makes him a big sucess.

  7. Girl you are well on your way :)How did you swing a sweet deal like that? I would work for him for free! Wow. Very cool. you better tell us everything you learn!