Friday, July 9, 2010

July / August Challenge - Designing for the Stars

While thinking of a challenge idea today I knew I wanted something broad enough to allow everyone to participate, but with a theme that would inspire some creative thinking. I have done a few custom pieces lately for close friends and have enjoyed designing something that was still in my style, but specifically for them.

There are a lot of joys and challenges in designing for a specific person in mind and so here is this month’s challenge: Choose a famous person or character and design a piece of jewelry especially for them. Make sure to take into account how well that piece matches their personality and overall “look”. For example you would not make pearl earrings with delicate scrolls for Ozzy Osbourne. To take into account for the different skill levels there are no special techniques or requirements. Just remember that to get better you have to challenge yourself and try something new!

For this Challenge the deadline has been extended to August 27th to make sure everyone has time to participate.

Have fun!


  1. (aka - TheFrogsPond) Love it! It will actually make me do a piece I've been thinking of doing for a long time! :)

  2. Oh...this one is tough for me!

  3. What a great challenge idea! Scratching my head...