Monday, January 17, 2011

December Challenge Entries- Where You Came From

This month's challenge was brought to us by the lovely HEATHER of Misty Ridge Designs who challenged us to create a metalworked item that represents our pedigree. This was such an interesting challenge and we each interpreted it in a completely different way.

Asa entered this one-of-kind pendant and rings set which features sepia-toned vintage photographs of her family under glass and set in sterling silver. Asa actually has a great aunt Myrtle (left) and the adorable baby on the right is her great grandma Ivy. The picture in the pendant was torn down the middle and found in two different locations before Asa brought it back together for this necklace.

Esmeralda of SilverBlueberry's analytical scientist's mind came up with a completely original take on the heritage theme with this incredibly detailed hand-stamped mixed metal cuff. On the silver part of the cuff is where we, homo sapiens, lie in the classification system on the evolutionary tree.On the inside of the copper cuff is part of the DNA sequence of the foxp2 gene, a tiny part of which differs between us and apes. This gene plays an important role in giving us the ability to talk, which is part of what made us human.

Autumn of Autumn Bradley Designs' entry was inspired by her grandfather's last name which means "mace- a heavy medieval war club with a spiked or flanged metal head". This antiques brass, sterling, and lapis pendant is her interpretation of a modern day mace. It is also her first real bezel set stone so we're extra proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone!

Clarity of Scrollwork Designs drew on her family's celtic heritage to create this sword and shield inspired kilt pin. Featuring a Celtic swirl embossed texture the colors and motto of the McLeod clan, this set is the perfect reminder of where her family comes from.

As always, this month's challenge pushed us creatively while helping us grow our technical skills. Thanks to each and every one who has participated in our challenges! Voting begins now and runs through Thursday, Jan 20th at which point the winner will choose the next challenge. Good luck!


  1. NOPE!! It wasn't me, it was Heather from MistyRidge Designs!! Silly group leader....having so much fun playing with action figures! Here's a link for Heather's shop!

  2. These are all wonderful interpretations of the theme. Choosing just one is almost impossible!