Monday, March 21, 2011

March Project Blogroll - Whistle while you work!

Music to My Ears - Cuff by Lori Lynn Designs

What do you listen to while you are working at your bench?

Do you rock out while you work? Or are you more the classical type? Perhaps you relish the simple sweet sounds of your hammer against the metal? This months blog post is all about what you listen to while working away in your studio.

See what gets these talented artists creative juices flowing by taking a look at the blogs below.

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  1. My music depends on my mood! Usually I just put my ipod to shuffle and enjoy whatever comes up (usually drowning out the noise from the TV in the next room. If it has been a stressful day at work then I like just the sound of the hammer, saw etc. on the metal.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I didn't realize you had a picture of our cuff on the blog until I was just checking out the blogs I follow. Awesome, and thank you!!

    I didn't write a blog on it, but I enjoy the peace and quite when I am in my studio. When at home the tv is always on and in the car I always listen to the radio, so I enjoy the quiet.