Saturday, May 14, 2011

April Challenge entries are in...time to vote!

April's challenge pushed us to think of Art....either our favorite artist, or style. Everyone pushed thier skills and tried new techniques. Here's the rundown, and photos from the inspirations.
You can vote for your favorite on the side bar at the right. Voting will continue until Monday at midnight.....make sure you get your's in!!

Here's Lori's from StonePeace who came up with our challenge this month. Her work is based on that of Piet Mondrain. He was a Dutch painter in the early 20th century, and developed his own new modern style. She got to finally use her glass enamels!

Here's Beatriz's from BeatrizFortes who was inspired by VanGogh Sunflowers. A beautiful rutile centerpiece reminds her of sunflowers reaching to the sky.

Here's Resurrection Silver's entry....also inspired by VanGogh's Sunflowers. An amazing 3-D interpertation of the pertty flowers....all in brass and copper.

Here's Julie's from WabiBrookStudio says of her piece "Inspired by the work of Canadian artist Lawren Harris, one of the founding members of the Group of Seven. I love the flowing lines and serenity in his abstract landscapes." Julie has some mad skills for fold forming as you can see on the copper here.

Here's Asa's entry from AsaPDesigns. She was inspired by Russian lanscape painter Isaac Levitan. The patina on the copper lily pads echo the greens in the painting.


  1. Wow, everyone did such a great job with the challenge!

  2. Nice job you guys! You all picked great themes and did such nice representations of them. Bravo!!