Friday, September 30, 2011

Time to vote!! September's Animal Challenge

Last month Esme gave us the challenge of making "animal" themed items. She claimed this would be an easy challenge.....and for some it seems it was. Here is the rundown or the amazing entries. Check them out, vote for your favorite (*the poll is on the right side of this post*)'s going to be hard to pick! And of course, if you really like the work, check out their Etsy shops too!!  Good Luck everyone!!!

From AbellaBlue we have a rocking dog tag, for the rocking little Ollie!!

From Chrissi Lynn we have this pendant. His collar will end up being black onyx.               "Cute little Scottie Dog made entirely of Sterling Silver. :) Accent stones will be added soon and then the final polish and chain. :)"

From MetalworksJewelry we have this wonderful set...earrings and keychain.  "
When I saw the "Animal Challenge" I knew it would be created by and for Maya, one of my Siberian huskies. In July she was diagnosed with a broken leg due to bone cancer. She fought bravely, but lost her fight on September 17, 2011, just 10 weeks after breaking her leg. This set, earrings for me and a key chain for my husband, was the most emotionally challenging work I have ever done. A lot of tears were shed in the making of this set.
Thanks to Sam of Copper Sunsets and Miracle Grow, I was able to give her blue eyes, and I plan to go back and add a blue collar someday."

From SilverBlueberry we have a cute little bear. And I mean LITTLE...he's half as big as your thumb nail.
"Copper clay bear carved from a dry piece of copper clay. It is meant to walk on a ring so it is tiny! I wanted to try more carving and this is my first attempt. "

From BeatrizFortes we have a wonderful key chain. This was an exercize in sketching and sawwork for Beatriz.
"A sweet kitty, all rolled up for a nap. This piece was inspired by Catê, my step cat."

From Ressurection Silver we have a hip little necklace!                                                              "My family has always been a cat family, in fact my first word was "kitty". This piece reminds me of my very first cat "Whiskers" who was a big stripey orange tabby."

From SilverSister we have some pretty earrings.
" Save the Dolphins. For my September Challenge I think this is a very appropriate pair of earrings...They are such loving and peaceful animals. Who can help but love them?"

From E5Jewelry we have this regal entry:

"Hand carved lion pendant made from Copper Metal Clay
Theme: "Animals"
This was a challenge for me as I am new to working with copper clay. This is the first piece that made it out of the kiln ok after firing.
The male lion is my favorite animal
The lion has many symbolisms; strength, royalty, justice, the subconscious, power, courage, the breath of Christ and it is the 5th sign in the zodiac.
I love their incredible beauty, silence, strength and roar! :)"

Reindeer for Aspiring Metalsmiths Animal Challenge

From Wabi Brook Studio a "peace-ful" little reindeer!

"I've been very busy in the studio, and didn't think I'd be able to participate in this month's challenge, but I carved out some play time and made this fun little reindeer.
I'm thinking a little herd of them, each with different antlers would look cute on a shelf or table."


  1. all of those animal ones are super cool, but you can only vote for 1

  2. I was so ready to get one done for this and then nothing- Nada. Oh well, maybe for the next challenge !

  3. Great Turnout this time!! So many cool pieces. It will be hard to choose.

  4. Wow really great pieces from everyone this time. I think this was one of the hardest ones that I have had to vote for thus far. There wasn't a single one that I didn't like. I was really drawn to each one of them so it really came down to technical difficulty for me this time. Great job everyone on the piercing and scultping and carving. Love them all and you are all winners truly.

  5. Great pieces from everyone! It will be so hard to vote! I'm glad so many participated :)

  6. Lovely work, everyone! Good to see so many participating at this busy time of year.