Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Teaching Moment, the January Blogroll

So the Aspiring Metalsmiths are at it again. This month they are doing what they love to do most – teach and learn! Make sure to have a sharp #2 pencil and your will want to take notes!!

The blog roll tour takes us on a journey of skills – each person is sharing something that they are proficient at and teaching it to the rest of us. Come along and see!

Sylvia Anderson 
Metals Addict
Lilian Ginebra
Mary Anne Karren
Shannon of Gifted Designs
Pennee- All Wired Up Jewelry Designs
Jessica @ Abella Blue
Elizabeth Brown -


  1. I love this blogroll idea. As a beginner, this will be a great help. Can't wait to read all the entries!

  2. I am loving reading and learning from the tutorials ~ thanks for posting :)

  3. i just read/watched all of your tutorials. amazing stuff!! thanks for sharing some of your secrets :-)