Saturday, March 20, 2010


Welcome to the Second Aspiring Metalsmiths Team Challenge.

As you remember, this challenge was brought to us by the lovely Julie of Wabi Brooks Studio. She asked us to interpret this lovely and classic limerick about spring:

"Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz.
I wonder where
the birdies is?"

Votes are to be cast on the following critieria:
1) The creation which best embodies, expresses, and otherwise personifies the chosen theme,
2) The creation which best demonstrates creativity and thinking-out-of-the-boxness.

So without further ado, here are our entries!

Laura from Simply Adorning

Vicki from Alegra Jewelry

Asa from ASAP Designs

Pennee from All Wired Up Jewelry

Claire from Brightstar109

Lori from LoriCitSay

Anna from Anna's Inspirations

Deb from AWE Shop

Clarity of Scrollwork Designs

Amy of Amy Nicoles

Whoa boy, this is gonna be hard!!

By the way if I've missed your entry, messed up your name, or otherwise totally botched this post please let me know! Otherwise, get to voting because the challenge ends SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT!!

Good luck to all, can't wait to see where this takes us :)


  1. Ok this vote was EXCRUCIATING!! I finally cast my vote for Deb of Aweshop, but it was such a close call between that and Asa's entry. I love Asa's within an inch of it's life but Deb's just has a certain flow to it that I couldn't get away from. Beautiful work every one of you!!

  2. Very very hard!! I loved Pennees bracelet because I think she has come so far in a short time.
    I love Asa's cause it is just outstanding! Great execution!

    Oh i love them all...great job everyone!

  3. Fabulous work everyone! I had zero creativity and time this last challenge period, so I'm extra impressed with what everyone was able to accomplish. Hats off to all!

  4. Just great work by everyone. 10 Winners!!

  5. These were all great pieces. Such a hard decision. Awesome work.
    I would love to know just a little bit about the materials used in some of the pieces. Perhaps in future challenges the artists could submit a short materials/explanation statement.

  6. I think everyone outdid themselves this time! You all are improving so much, which is great to see. The challenges are obviously doing what they are meant to! I'm sad I couldn't finish my piece in time, but I'm ready to take on the next challenge, whatever it may be. Now, off to vote!