Friday, October 8, 2010

And the Winner is..... ASA PEARSON!

Voting has ended on this month's challenge and ASA of Asa Pearson Designs is our winner. Asa blew us all out of the water with her brilliant entry that masterfully executed a unique point of view.

Asa has done something incredible in several of our challenges, something that clearly pushed her limits and broke new ground. I'm proud to have her as a teammate and it's a pleasure to watch her grow.

In metalsmithing, each new skill is like a treasure in your mental pocket that no one can take away. The stated purpose of this team is to grow our skills in a supportive group of like minds. I'd like to ask each one of you:

Have you grown this month?

Have you failed at anything lately?

Really struggled to get it right?

If you're not failing you're not aiming high enough.

If you're not pushing your limits, trying new things

It's all comfort and complacency,

Conserving materials and building inventory

Until it's just another job instead of the absolute ride of your life.

Have you made anything lately without your customer in mind?

bottom lines all put behind

created just for the joy of learning the craft?

If not then you ought to,

because your teammates sure are,

and I promise that one day we'll watch them go far.

Asa will be posting the details of our next months challenge shortly, and I sincerely hope to see an entry from each and every one of us. I promise you will never regret it. As always, thanks for playing, you make my world a richer place.


  1. Yay Asa! You totally deserve it. Great job!

  2. Thanks!! I know my ideas for this next one will push everyone...New skills, new products...I'm sure we'll have new failures to learn from!! Goodness knows I have a VERY large scrap bin full of lessons learned. I treasure each and every one of them!!

  3. Oh yes! This is a great piece!!

  4. Congratulations Asa, well deserved. Now think about us beginners when you plan that next one!

  5. It's over already? I thought we had until the end of the month! Don't ask what planet I've been living on...
    Congratulations, Asa, your imagination and skill never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

  6. Congrats! I really love your design