Monday, October 4, 2010

September Challenge Entries- Inspired by Poe

This month's challenge was brought to us by Esmeralda of Silver Blueberry who chose the theme 'Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe' in honor of Halloween and all things spooky. Since we decided to stick with the deadline this month we have less entries than usual, but no shortage of beautiful work upon which to feast your eyes.

The ever-so-talented Asa of Asa Pearson Designs created this incredible copper sculpture for our viewing pleasure, inspired by the E. A. Poe story "A Descent into the Maelstrom." Asa I think you've found your calling as a sculptor!

Clarity of Scrollwork Designs created 'Lenore', a neck torque/ lariat necklace inspired by Poe's famous poem The Raven.

Autumn of Autumn Bradley was also thinking of ravens when she made this dramatic pendant.

And last but not least, Claire of Brightstar 109 entered this lovely ring featuring a twisted tree and a lone wolf howling at a gemstone moon.


  1. Yeah! we got them done!! I'm going to link this to the Poe FB page....If no one minds!

  2. Wow you guys! These are all REALLY cool - another month in which I am having a super hard time deciding - can't you all win??

  3. Really great, creative pieces all....

  4. These are fantastic I love them all, they are so wild and dark, mysterious they are all great so hard to pick.

  5. I love the way in which you all interpreted the theme - such great imagination! And I can't believe I missed this challenge. I'm kicking myself so hard right now!