Monday, February 28, 2011

February "Movement" Challenge Contestants....

The February Aspiring Metalsmiths Challenge came to us from Esme of Silverblueberry. She wanted us to show movement….literal or the illusion there of. It was to be an exercise, like yoga, that would stretch each person’s individual talents and skills. And BOY! Did everyone do well! We have the most entries we’ve ever had….and many of them are first time participants!! YEAH!! Without further ado, here are the entries:

From Lori at StonePeace we have a 2 sided ring…one side is amethyst with a leaf, the other is citrine. It’s a really pretty ring, and would be fun to fiddle with all day long.
Two-sided vine ring - THAW 6.2 Citrine side of flip ring

From Julie at Jamauerer we have a spinning “rattler” ring. It looks a bit like a bee hive (or a cartoon hamburger) and has some wonderful movment. You can see her polishing it here:

DSCN1668 DSCN1670

Lilian from Girl Loves Glitter made a spectacular bangle with 6 tubes and 12 tube set stones! Such a sparkly pretty piece and a never ending combination of stone colors!

Girls on a Trapeze, tube set sterling bangle Girls on a Trapeze, tube set sterling bangle

Ppennee from All Wired Up made a lovely Ocean Jasper pendant. This was her first hinge, and made from scratch too!

Ocean Jasper - Thaw #5

Asa from AsaPDesigns made a wheel. Well, a wheel pendant that will roll back and forth on a chain. She also made the hollow silver bead that acts as a counter weight from scratch. You can see it in action here

moving wheels necklace test 003 moving wheels necklace test 001

Autumn from Autumn Bradley made a lovely window hanging…a pretty cardinal with “happiness” on his wing. This one has a lovely family story to go with it….Grandma had very good last words.

February Challenge 2011 February Challenge 2011

Villian Accessories made some lovely Osci earrings that harkens back to her engineering days… lovely osculating waves that go from vertical to horizontal depending on your movement and mood.
osci earrings Osci earring

Clarity from Scrollworkdesigns out did herself again, and made a fountain. She learned fold forming and how to use her new rolling mill to make this amazing floral copper water feature. You can see it in action here
Challenge EntryChallenge entry 3

Alicia of AliciaFaith created a very nice malachite pendant that will make your mind twist and spin!! You'll have to click the link to see that one.

Resurrection Silver made a shawl pin that really twirls! A pretty copper whirly-gig that makes me think of childhood!

Copper Pinwheel Shawl Pin 4 Copper Pinwheel Shawl Pin 2

Angela of AJ Jewelry Designs made an out of this world pendant….A shooting star flying around a faraway planet, all in cool shades of blue!

etsypics11 244 etsypics11 264

Gloria of Hemlockhollow made some earrings that will make you fly! She’s been on a cicada kick, and these fine silver wings can adorn your ears and remind you of hot summer nights all year long.

cicada wing earrings cicada wing earrings

Lori of LoriCitsay made her first spinner ring! It’s so pretty, and would give any worrier something to keep their hands busy (like she proved herself on Sunday!! It works!!!)

spinner3 spinner4

Esme from SilverBlueberry made a pendant that has some real movement! It’s a pretty little bird who’s wing flaps and beak opens and closes with a tiny tug on the tourmaline briolette.

February challenge entry birdie's back side

Claire of BrightStar 109 also made a pretty spinner ring with pretty stones set all the way around, and around, and around....

Nancy from NancyCreations made these glowing earrings… bright and shiny leaves dangle from pretty labradorite stones. Even though one gave her fits, I think they are so lovely!!

100_2306 100_2305

Erika from ErikaMayDesigns has made a neat pendant from ages lost….a trilobite that spins in its frame to show off both sides.

Voting will be up through Thursday March will be posted on Friday morning.

Please only vote if you are a member of the AspiringMetalsmiths team. If you're not, youc an use the links to check out our shops on Etsy and some of our other work in our flickr group stream.


  1. Oh my gosh, everything is so amazing. How do you pick just one?

  2. Daaaayum teamies!! Awesome job - ALL of you!

  3. I know i am not a participant anymore, but I do feel like I i will always be a part of this group....I voted, and I hope that is okay....there were so many awesome designs! :)

  4. Wow great works and it is realy hard to choose...

  5. Great to see so many participating! I enjoyed seeing everyone's take on the theme. You are all so creative!

  6. You gals all slay me with your amazing work!!! Why did I even vote because I love them all so much??!!!!