Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February Project Blogroll - Stones, Stones, Stones

Cobalt Blue Sea Sediment Jasper and Sterling Silver Necklace by Sstargell on Etsy

This month the aspiring metalsmiths are bringing out their stones. For many, collecting stones has become an addiction. Come take a look at their favorites and what makes them so special.

Autumn Bradley -
Clarity @ Scrollwork Designs -
Stacy Low -
Chrissi Lynn Designs -
Sylvia Anderson -
Jessica @ Abella Blue -
Contemporary Jewelry by Beatriz Fortes -
Esmeralda -
Steph Stargell -
Pennee -
Silver Pearl Jewelry and Metalworks -
ArtistiKat -
Claire -


  1. what awesome collections, I have seen every link and am amazed at the talent and natural breath taking beauty! I want to start a collection of my own I am inlove!!!