Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Abella Blue Wins!!!!

Rhythm was our challenge, and Jessica from Abella Blue ran away with the beat!!
Here amazing little finger harp blew away the competition this time. You've got to take another look, and click HERE to see the video of it in action.

We had a tie for second place between Pennee of All Wired Up and Cornelius of Kwant Essentials.
Both of them gave us rhythm in the guise of the natural world......

and Viki of LorieLynn took a very close third place with here wonderful "rhythm and blues" cuff bracelet.

Thanks to all who entered and voted!!!  Jessica from Abella Blue will be adding her challenge for us in the next few days.....then we can all rack our brains to come up with something beautiful and amazing!!


  1. Congrats Jessica! I voted for your piece.. it is so cool, and the video you shared was awesome!
    This was fun-can't wait to hear what the next theme is :)