Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let the voting begin on June's Challenge

"Interpret the Design Principle "Rhythm" in any way which moves you." Was the challenge that Julie gave us last's what we all came up with. Take a look and vote for your favorite on the poll to the left of your screen!!
Viki from LorieLynn brings us this cuff titled "Rhythm and Blues" Awful pretty in a "urban decay" sort of way.
Gloria from HemlockHollow brings us this neat pendant titled "One Note." It was made of PMC, hand set with an amethyst CZ and textured with a seashell.
Jessica of Abella Blue took the challenge very literally.... here's her tiny little finger harp. It makes the prettiest little tink-tink-tink music, and sits comfortably on a chain around your neck. Check out a video of it in action here.
Asa from AsaPDesigns made a cute little brooch. It's all ready to give to your crush, just so they know what effect they have on you. The heart beat is pierced into the stamped and patinated copper.
Pennee from All Wired Up brings us Rubies in Motion. She has this to say about the project: "After researching a bit, I realized there are lots of rhythms and creating something that causes a rhythm is sort of the same thing. This piece was made with a texture plate of wavy lines that reminded me of fading sound waves that draw the eye up and down (or as someone else said- wood grain). To accent the up and down movement following the lines I added vertical ruby czs which should draw the eye from up and down to the left to catch their little twinkle. Therefore- creating a rhythm!"
Deb from E5Jewelry gives us this beautiful and ancient looking little amulet: "~Rhythm~The intertwining ebb and flow of nature. copper, sterling silver, fine silver, natural peridot, quartz crystal"
Esme from SilverBlueberry gives us this adorable little hedgehog ring:"A little hedgehog waddles on and on. Where is he going? Is he going home to his nest? Looking for a new place to live? Looking for food? We don't know, but his journey continues."
Cornelius from KwantEssentials gives us this amazing natural & mathematical rhythm example: FibonacciRhythm is set with 1.14 carats of flush set diamonds!!
Dana of CoilAndFlame gives us this entry:"This is a mixed metal, domed pendant of copper, sterling silver and 14 kt. gold fill. Suspended beneath is a hand wire-wrapped mother-of-pearl coin. I'll leave most of the "Rhythm" interpretation up to the viewer. But for me, this piece has an underwater, flowing into-the-deep theme."

Resurrection Silver's entry is this lovely mixed metal crocheted circle motif bib necklace. She says "Rhythm is represented in every aspect of this necklace from the pattern of each circle to the motion of each stitch to the color and placement of each circle. I love to crochet and this is my first attempt at combining that with my love of jewelry making."

Julie of WabiBrookStudio's entry is this lovely cuff titled "Rhythms of the Land."
She has this to say of it:"Rhythm.Living close to the land in rural Ontario, I am very much in tune with the rhythms of nature: the rolling hills and valleys, moon and sun rising and setting, the sounds and sights of the changing seasons. The cuff is my interpretation of a rhythm I often see- the setting sun to the west lighting up the hills and rising moon to the east." it is created with scrap copper and a vinyl record!!


  1. Each one of these is beautiful!

  2. I like that everyone's interpretation of the theme is so different. Really great work everyone!

  3. Wow! I'm so impressed with all of these - really great work you guys!! I really love each of them.