Monday, October 24, 2011

October Project Blogroll - Share your Packaging

Each month the Aspiring Metals team chooses a topic and each write about that topic on their blog.

This month inspired by the gift giving season coming up, we want to see your packaging, or your ideas for packaging.

See all the great packaging and ideas by visiting the blogs below:

Beatriz Fortes -
ArtistiKat -
Claire English -
Mary Anne Karren -
Lisa -
Stacy -
Amy Estelle -
Morgan MetalAdornments -   
Jason -
Jessica @ Abella Blue -
Gifted Designs -


  1. Jessica, I wasn't sure how else to get ahold of you, but can you fix my link? Just put it at ? Thanks!

  2. all fixed Morgan....and I added you to the sidebar as well.