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Let the ROADTRIP voting begin!!!


The last challenge that was issued was "road trips" and what they meant to us. We were told to make a piece that would be a bit like a souvenir of a trip we've taken, or one that we have yet to take. We were told to make the piece and just as importantly, to share the story behind it. We've got 4 wonderful entries this time around. Remember, the winner of this challenge picks the next one!!  And please, read the official rules at the bottom of this post before you vote. Voting will be on the right side of your screen, near the top. We've got 3 days to vote this time around. Voting closes mid-day on Wednesday 7/18.

Our first entry is from Beatriz of Beatriz Fortes.  She made a locket to keep memories in.

Here's what she says: "To me, travel is about freedom, new experiences and reflection. This heart can be opened to absorb all that is seen and felt. As it opens, it also gains wings to soar. A small picture can be kept inside, either as an anchor to home or a memento of the trip."

Next up, we have Julie from Wabi Brook Studio. She brings us a very interesting copper pendant.

 Here's what she's got to say: "Road Trip: Destination Sudbury
I have many memories of road trips, starting way back in the early 1960's when my sister and I would hop in the back of the Chevrolet on nearly every Sunday afternoon to head off into uncharted (to us at least) territory. Presumably mom, the copilot and map reader, and dad, the pilot, knew roughly to where we were going.
When my sister and I were deemed old enough, our road trips included summer camping trips. These were carefully orchestrated by my father, from the route, to the packing of the canvas tent and other camping paraphernalia into the cavernous trunk of yet another Chevrolet. Off we would go, the pilot and copilot (always with correctly folded map) and two hot and squirmy girls. This was before air conditioning, so sometimes things became rather um ... Heated ... in the back seat, and often the front seat,too.
Later I took my own road trips, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. In the days before gps, they always included a map or two.
This piece was created in memory of my father, who taught me how to read a map, how to get lost and how to get found. His parents took a road trip to Sudbury, and that is where he was born. I live a few short hours from the city, and still take a road trip or two there every year.
Copper, recycled vintage road map."


 Our next entry comes from Angela of A&J Jewelry Designs. Such a fancy ring, with such a great story!

 Here's Angela's story: "This is my entry for the July Road Trip Challenge. My husband and I are amateur gold prospectors/rock hounds. In July of last year, we took our first real extended vacation to North Carolina, without children after 29 years of marriage and raising our family. We had never been able to take a honeymoon, so it really was a special time. We planned the entire trip down to the minute so that we could optimize our time in search of gold and treasure. It was the most physically demanding and tiring vacation we could ever have imagined, but we had an absolute blast! We even got to meet Gloria while we were down there :). I decided to use a few pieces of what we found on that trip for this piece. The primary metal in this ring is sterling silver. The ring has a clear glass cabochon set in fancy bezel wall. The glass sits on a gold-filled wire step. Under the glass are small pieces of garnet that we found in the rivers and the gemstone mines. Surrounded by the garnet is a 24k gold nugget, the largest piece that we found at the Cotton Patch Mine in NC. I know that there is no other ring in the universe like this one, and it will be mine forever in memory of that wonderful trip!"

And our final entry for you to chose from is made by Chrysoula of Jewellietta.  I really like the kinetic element of this pendant.

Here's Chrysoula's story:"When I was a child, in the summers our family would travel from Athens to Katerini, the hometown of my father. The trip lasted 7-8 hours. On a certain part of the route, after some time of moving through flat fields, there was an alley of very tall trees on both sides of the road. The trunks created shadows, the branches made an arch and the sun was showing through the leaves. For some meters I felt like we were passing through a magical world. I wanted to recreate this atmosphere and also I wanted the jewelry to resemble a toy, because this is a childhood memory. So I made the car move back and forth on a rail, in this small alley of silver trees. The whole piece is made of 925 sterling silver, the different parts are soldered and it is hung from a rubber cord."

Well, that's it folks.....good luck picking just one!!! I know I've been looking at them all for days and I still can't make up my mind....but you've only got a few days!!!  Don't forget to vote! Voting closes mid-day on Wednesday 7/18.

Official Team Challenge Rules….
To enter and vote you must meet the following requirements:
- Have an Etsy shop
- Be a member of the Aspiring Metalsmith team on Etsy
- Be able to post your photos to our Flickr pool without blocking them from download, so the blog master has access.
- Follow each challenge’s rules as to submission times, materials and/or techniques, or any other rule for that specific challenge.
- Make something NEW for the challenge….not something that you have in stock that fits the rules. These challenges are to push you to try new things, not just show off things you’ve already done.

We politely ask that if you do not meet these guidelines you do not vote either. These challenges are intended to be an internal, skill-pushing endeavor….not a popularity contest. We like to show off how well we’ve done, but really want our peers on the team to judge our technique and skill growth.

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