Monday, July 23, 2012

August Comic Challenge!

Due to everyone being so darn busy, we've extended the due date for this.... new due date is end of the day SEPTEMBER FIRST (yes, that's the middle of a holiday weekend in the USA)
Please see the bottom of this post for rules and entry stuff.

Hello and thank you for voting for me... This particular road trip was so full of ideas and new directions! 

So, for the new challenge. I came up with the theme while I was watching an animated film: create a piece based on COMICS or CARTOONS.
They are fun, light and entertaining and they have great creative potential. 

Just imagine...

- If your favorite hero (whether it’s Batman or Bugs Bunny) came by your studio and assigned you to make him/her a piece, what would it be? What colors, symbols or materials and what type of jewelry would fit his or her personality?

- If you could get into the comic’s frames or take part in the story of a cartoon, what would you find there to use as an inspiration for your piece? 

- What about the aesthetics, the typography, the black and white or the colors used by comics artists? The Vintage or modern style? American, European, Japanese? Humorous or dark? How can any of these elements be included or transformed in the piece?

So many stories, so many heroes, so many possibilities... 

Here are some Animated Films and Cartoons to inspire you: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up, The Triplets of Belleville, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Sin City, The Corpse Bride and many more...

Comics: Batman, Mafalda, Corto Maltese, Mickey Mouse, Inspector Gadget, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Snoopy and thousands others!

Have fun and create, and tell a little about how cartoons or comics inspired your piece. I’m very curious to see your creations!

Entries are due by Midnight on August 19th ...the voting will start on the morning of the 20th.

Post your photos and story to the FLICKR POOL and make sure to TAG it "COMIC CHALLENGE"

Official Team Challenge Rules….
To enter and vote you must meet the following requirements:
- Have an Etsy shop
- Be a member of the Aspiring Metalsmith team on Etsy
- Be able to post your photos to our Flickr pool without blocking them from download, so the blog master has access.
- Follow each challenge’s rules as to submission times, materials and/or techniques, or any other rule for that specific challenge.
- Make something NEW for the challenge….not something that you have in stock that fits the rules. These challenges are to push you to try new things, not just show off things you’ve already done.

We politely ask that if you do not meet these guidelines you do not vote either. These challenges are intended to be an internal, skill-pushing endeavor….not a popularity contest. We like to show off how well we’ve done, but really want our peers on the team to judge our technique and skill growth.

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  1. Sounds like a fun challenge. Hmm.. this will tricky without doing actual copy righted items.. good topic though!