Monday, September 17, 2012

September/October Challenge

This challenge is due Oct 31st (midnight EST as usual, though we are a little flexible on that) and this date really needs a theme that is fitting for Halloween.

So the challenge for this month is.... POISON.

The possibilities are endless with this! Do you want to focus on historical poisonings?
"Poisoning of Queen Bona" by Jan Matejko.
Maybe you want to focus on poisonous plants, like hemlock.

Or poisonous animals...

Or maybe something closer to jewellery, the famous poison ring..
Find this ring here

I hope you'll all be inspired by this theme - happy creating!!

Post your entry/entries (no limitation) before Oct 31st in the Aspiring Metalsmiths Flickr pool, and tag your item with SeptOct Challenge.


Official Team Challenge Rules….
To enter and vote you must meet the following requirements:
- Have an Etsy shop
- Be a member of the Aspiring Metalsmith team on Etsy
- Be able to post your photos to our Flickr pool without blocking them from download, so the blog master has access.
- Follow each challenge’s rules as to submission times, materials and/or techniques, or any other rule for that specific challenge.
- Make something NEW for the challenge….not something that you have in stock that fits the rules. These challenges are to push you to try new things, not just show off things you’ve already done.

We politely ask that if you do not meet these guidelines you do not vote either. These challenges are intended to be an internal, skill-pushing endeavor….not a popularity contest. We like to show off how well we’ve done, but really want our peers on the team to judge our technique and skill growth.

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  1. Whoah i would like to see more of your challenges its already january :D