Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holiday Decoration Challenge Voting!!!!!

So last month we were challenged to make a holiday decoration....any holiday...even a made up one. Seems the winter ones caught our imaginations though. Check out the wonderful entries and make sure to vote. The voting is on the right side of your screen!!!

Our first entry is from ResurrectionSilver. This one just blew me away. It's huge, it's beautiful and it makes me want some turkey...NOW!
"My challenge piece for October is a Copper Cornucopia. I love cornucopias as centerpieces for Thanksgiving, so here is my version. Challenges this piece presented me with were seaming together two large pieces of copper sheet and fold forming on a large scale. There is probably more metal in this piece than I've worked with in my short career combined. I also did some light flame coloring on this piece, a first for me as well. This piece measures 18.5" long and about 6.5" diameter at the opening."

Our second entry is for Hanukiyah...a lovely stained glass Menorah. Hemlock Hollow did a wonderful job on this one....I can picture it sparkling every night as the candles are lit. And it makes me want some challa, NOW!

"Made from beveled glass and lead strips. All soldered and cemented.This is used for the holiday of Hannukah!"

Our next entry is from Wabi Brook Studio. She admits, it is a bit of a recycle....but then again, it's Peace on Earth something we could all use???

"Created from scrap copper, scrounged craft wire and crochet cotton. Hand cut and flame coloured copper. Not particularly challenging, (except for writing in wire - not my forte!), but something fun and meaningful for the Aspiring Metalsmiths challenge, and to sell at an upcoming Christmas Market."

Our fourth entry is from LadySmythMetals. She's been getting to play with bronze clay and made this tree ornament. I think it's worth rejoicing to see the new-ish metal clays come out so beautifully.

Metalworks Jewelry brings us this pertty copper bell to ring in the New Year. It would look great on a dark green tree....or maybe just hanging in your window!
"3-D Copper Bell Ornament
Since this was my challenge idea, I needed to get something done! I cut the bell from copper sheet and stamped along the lower edge. I've never done anything truly 3D before, so cutting the slits properly was a challenge. I need to go back and file off the excess solder, but I'm happy with the look overall."
Metal Adornments took a poll on Facebook to decide what to make.....I think everyone picked a wonderful one!! A pretty personalized snowflake!!

SO....there they are folks....pick your favorite and vote. While you're trying to make up your mind (cuz it's going to take a bit I think) check out our contestants' shops by clicking on their names!!

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