Monday, November 28, 2011


I thought long and hard about this challenge. Things like making houses, a vegetable, fruit, etc. etc.  But these just didn't seem to cling to me.  I hope everyone finds this challenge interesting!  Okay here it is:


Here are some suggestions  on how or what to use:  Prisma Color pencils, enamel, paint, flame, but no LOS.  

Okay, on the mark, get set and GO!!


So, the due date for all entries will be Jan. 5, 2012 ( just take into account the holidays).  Have fun!

Remember to mark your photos, December ASM Challenge, in our flickr site.
 Thank you all for this opportunity to present a challenge!
Here's a link to our team flickr stream!!! just upload your entries there and make sure to TAG them with December Challenge!!


  1. This sounds like a fun challenge! I really do plan on doing this one.

  2. LoS at all or is it more that LoS won't count?

  3. Love this challenge and it maybe one that I can actually get done! Got ideas flowing now!

  4. Lots Of Stones... Lots Of Silver... Little Orange Squirrels? What does it mean please... yes I am a newbie here, yet to entre my first challenge.

  5. LOS = Liver Of Sulfer.....the icky smelling stuff we usually use to just make copper and sliver dark.
    Think more along the lines of colored pencil on etched metal...or enamel if you're braver than me!