Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And The Winner of the Ugliest Desk Competition Is....

(Drumroll PUHleaseeee) The lovely Amy of AmyNicoles and Ruby Mtn Beads is the winner of our ugliest desk competition, mainly because she has a SWEET TV in her workspace and we're all a little jealous. Congratulations Amy, feel free to feel smug and rub it in on every possible occasion, you've earned it.

Did I mention Amy is doing it all right? Not only is she making beautiful original metalsmithed creations on a regular basis, she's also blogging here Facebooking here and generally putting us all to shame. Give her some love people, she's doing a great job.

Wanna see your name up in lights?

THE FIRST ASPIRING METALSMITH CHALLENGE ENDS FRIDAY!!!! If you want to be part of the magic, go post your submission on the Proboards here. Winners will be tallied and announced MONDAY MORNING so we'll have all weekend to vote, ok?

I can't wait to see what everyone's made, and as always thanks for sharing the journey.


  1. Congratulations Amy! I envy your bench...

  2. I like the lists you have hanging up, Amy...I can't actually read them but they must be inspirational:o)

  3. Are we suppose to congratulate you or feel sorry for you? No really congratulations on having the most envied ugliest bench/desk.
    That you for all your posts and blogs your a great example!

  4. Hey, that kinda looks like my kitchen table...except my camera, phone, and laptop would also be hidden in there somewhere.

    Congrats on the win!

  5. First I'd like to thank all of my fans who voted for me in the ugliest bench contest. Your support is wonderful! I'd like to thank my husband and children, who leave me with such precious few moments to work, that I just work and hardly ever clean. Last but not least, I have to thank myself for a life long ability to work best amidst clutter. (Goodness gracious, the mess is shocking isn't it? Whew. I have cleaned it up since I took the picture. A little anyway ;) ) It is an honor! (and probably the only thing I'll ever win metalsmithing related!)

  6. Way to go Amy! Messy creativity is the best. Good to see your efforts have finally been rewarded. Now you can hold your head high and walk with pride.

  7. ROFLMAO Amy you crack me up :D

    What ARE the lists? Inquiring minds want to know! I have a post I'm working on (slowly) about MY desk list which includes techinique tips as well as never give up inspirational nonsense. What does yours say??

  8. Clarity, It is a reminder on which order to turn the regulators, tanks, etc. I put it up there when I first got my torch so I would remember what order I was supposed to do things in to keep from blowing up my house. I guess I should probably take it down now..... but that would require some cleaning eh?

  9. Hey... I have a tv, too! I didn't know I was getting voted on that!

    Congratulations, Amy! What a proud day!

  10. This is hilarious! that remote control lol :P

    A messy bench and beautiful jewelry :)

    Congrats Amy!

  11. That looks like my bench! Seriously, I've always thought that messiness=creativity. I have two very creative daughters, so you should see my house! Every level surface has a project on it! Congratulations Amy!