Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Team Tag Info

Alright so we tried the democratic approach to the team tag dilemma and it failed dramatically, lol. I'm sick and tired of voting and I'm sure you are too, so unless it'll make you all hate me and take your balls and go home I'm going to make an executive decision so we can just get this tagging nonsense over with.

doesn't bring up anything and it works for me, so that's what we're going with unless there's a major objection. So if you'd like to play, please tag your items with "Aspiringmetalsteam". If this makes you super cranky please convo me and I'll try to make things right.

For anyone who missed it, the team tag will allow us to search each other's work when we make treasuries or write blog posts or otherwise promote our little hearts out, and it will also allow Etsy to find our stuff when they promote teams. We're growing so fast I think we have a good chance of getting on their radar, and we have kind of a unique story so I'm hoping we can get in on the team grant action as well.

Also, if anyone's worried about not having enough room for all their tags I believe Etsyhacks will let you have unlimited tags.

Happy selling!


  1. Thank you, Aspiringmetalsteam is great!

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  3. I like it! Thank you.

    I have to get caught up around here :-)