Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photo Meme the Third - "Handcrafted Hurts"

I don't know about you but I've really enjoy our photo memes like the Meet the Artist and Ugly Desk Competition. They're easy and fun and I generally gain some sort of insight along with the entertainment value. So I propose another photo game to keep us amused while we're working on the next team challenge.

It's called "Handcrafted Hurts" and all you have to do to play is take a picture of your hands after your next day at the bench. Just as they are, complete with bandaids, polishing compound, burns, bruises, stab marks, missing skin and all. Post it on the Flickr pool with the tag "Handcrafted Hurts", and if you are so inclined and can figure out how, make notes on your picture to tell us how your war wounds happened. You have all week to get your picture in, from now until Midnight on Friday March 5th. Saturday morning, March 6th I'll put up the 10 worst hands based upon number and severity of notes/wounds here on the blog and post a poll on the side for us to vote for a winner.

Who wants to play??! If you have more than one picture (since we do have 2 hands) put a note to see your Flickr stream for more pics, but only put one in the flickr pool.

Updated!! The winner will receive a complimentary bar of this incredible soothing hand balm from our generous and talented teamie Esmeralda of Silver Blueberry. Thanks SB!

In addition to my usual lizard-skin, I have a quarter inch stab wound from a needle file, some missing skin on my index finger from a drill bit, a sawed and sandpapered thumbnail, and a chunk missing out my thumb cuticle from some disaster I don't even remember. Oh and a blister on my pinky from the house. But STILL!! I think I might actually win this one :D

Can't wait to see your hands!


  1. Hey Clarity. I read that you like boxes. I posted one on the flickr stream. Hope you like. Perhaps it would be a good future challenge for the Aspiring Metalsmiths.


  2. What a great contest. Hmmm...sounds like this will be a toughie.

    I guess I'll bypass the lotion today so I might have a chance. Competing with the housework blister though...that should make you a shoe-in.

  3. This is going to be interesting!

  4. I have just discovered your wonderful blog and I am now a Follower. What a wonderful collection of info. You are so generous. Thank you!

    Also, I absolutely love the quote from St. Francis of Assisi ... It says it all, so perfectly. I hope it is okay that I plan to share it on my blog, too.

    I look forward to visiting this blog often. :-)

  5. I will put you in my jewelry links list (right hand column, pretty far down the page).