Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Five Fave Tools

The lovely Lisa of Sandytoesjewelry had a great idea for anyone who's interested to write a post with photos of their Five Fave Tools. I snapped some shots of mine tonight and I look forward to seeing all of yours soon.

TOOL THE FIRST: My trusty torch. Shall I write an ode to my torch?

Oh fire so fair, kept away from my hair
you're perfectly safe as I hunch in my lair
creating true treasures, my favorite things
when I hold onto you my jeweler's heart sings....

TOOL THE SECOND: My sad little saw

See saw, marjorie daw
Johnny shall have a new master
I hate every moment I spend with you saw
Somehow I must learn to saw faster

TOOL THE THIRD: My ball peen hammer

My whole family hates when I hammer
As soon as I start they all clamor
Shut up they all cry
Shut up I reply
I'm busy creating my glamor!

TOOL THE FOURTH: My Bezeling Tools

Bezeling tools, sweet bezeling tools,
You help me to set all my favorite jewels
And if sometimes you slip and ruin my stone
Your good deeds will always your bad ones atone.

TOOL THE FIFTH: My Favorite Pliers

Twas wires and pliers that started all this,
The urge to give something shiny a twist,
To make of the metal just what I wished,
that led me to go from pliered to fired.

So that is the skinny my friends as they say,
And to the poor teacher who reads this one day
I know this whole thing has the rhyme scheme from hell
But I hope that the rest of you will think that it's swell :D



  1. Love your poetry and your choice of tools!

  2. Forget jewelry, I think you should write limericks! :) Totally cool post, I smiled the whole way through!

  3. Love this post.
    I am at the aspiring stage of buying a torch and am enjoying you very helpful thread. thanks

  4. You just have creativity oozing out of you, don't you?! LOL! Great post.

  5. The party doesn't start 'til YOU walk in!

  6. What a hoot! LOL! I can't wait to see what you'll throw at us next! I do wonder though, if you hate your saw so much, why is it one of your five fav tools?

  7. HEHEHE I'm glad you guys were amused even though I'm sure I broke every rule in the English language here, lol.

    Julie I hate the saw with a passion but love what it can do, so it ranks pretty high even though it drives me out of my mind on a regular basis!

  8. VERY nice, but now you've just raised the bar as to what I'm going to have to do!

  9. LOL!

    I'm never going to write mine now because I agree with Lisa that the bar is now too high!

  10. oh you two quit it, it's just a bunch of terrible poetry, I have no doubt you can top it in your own way. I don't know where that all came from anyway, I didn't start out with that intention that's just how it ended up! You better write yours because I wanna know your faves goshdarnit

  11. I love all my tools, especially my hammers - everytime I see one I want to buy it. Can never have enough. Wanted to comment about saws - it's a love-hate relationship for most of us who use them. Got to tell you, I just bought the king of saws. Lee Marshall has come out with a new saw, in 3", 5" & 8". I read a lot about it on Ganoskin - decided to take the plunge & bought the 5". This saw is incredible. Light weight, yet sturdy - the blade does not bow like it can in some saws - you break fewer blades. Last night I had to make a bunch of jump rings for a necklace I am working on - which is something that I normally dread. I put the coil in my vice & started to saw - cut like butter. It's great - can't say enought good things about it. They can be purchased on Lee's website. Take a look. I guarantee you will love them.
    DeMoy Designs

  12. I laughed so hard it brought a tear to my eye, and even re-read it to my hubby! Thanks for the wonderful ode to your fav 5 tools! What an awesome post!
    ~ Michell